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January 12, 2012 / NumberOfWays

1 Way to Hide the Newstand App (iOS5)

For those who have upgraded or who are running iOS5 on their Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad devices and have tried to hide the ‘Newstand’ App, here is a quick video tutorial on how to accomplish that task:

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November 28, 2011 / NumberOfWays

1 Way to “Type Faster on your iDevice”


Way #8

Around this time last year I was getting ready to say good bye to my faithful Blackberry device. It was a great phone for me, but at the time, I started researching the new Apple iPhone 4 and decide to cross over…to the light. But with the switch I ended up losing a few features that I found to be very useful. Some of them being the security, the physical QWERTY keyboard, BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and, you won’t believe it, the Auto Text Shortcuts.

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November 19, 2011 / NumberOfWays

1 Way to “Schedule Your Posts/Tweets”


Way #7

With Social Media becoming more and more the “norm” these days regarding communication and staying connected, it’s sometimes difficult to send a message out via Facebook or Twitter at the right time with the goal of that message reaching as many people as possible. For some, communicating with their mobile phones makes it easier, but it’s not always accessible. You might be driving, in a meeting or even in the middle of labour.

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November 17, 2011 / NumberOfWays

4 Ways to Secure Yourself on Facebook


Way #6

Are you getting hit with more “spam” than ever before on Facebook? Would you like to know a few ways on how to secure yourself from them? Here are 4 easy ways on how you can do that.

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November 14, 2011 / NumberOfWays

3 Ways to “Avoid the Ipad Home Button”

Way #5

Did you know that the release of the latest iOS5 update on October 12th, came with over 200 new features including the Multitasking Gestures Feature?  No…?  Well now you do.  It really is a time saving (and button pushing) feature.  For those of you who used to switch from app to app by double clicking the home button to reveal the multitasking bar, fear not, this will blow you away. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on the 3 Ways on “How to Avoid the Ipad Home Button.”
November 13, 2011 / NumberOfWays

3 Ways to “Save the Soap”

Way #4

Have you ever spent a few nights in a hotel and noticed the huge push to save the water by not washing your towels? Most hotels are on board with this initiative and most of us probably do the right thing. But have you ever wondered what they do with the soap? Yes soap.

The Global Soap Project

The Global Soap Project

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November 12, 2011 / NumberOfWays

3 Ways to “Submit a Problem”

Way #3

Submit a Problem

Submit a Problem

As mentioned in our last post titled, “3 Ways to Use “Number Of Ways”, we introduced the 3 Ways on “Submitting a Problem”.  Because we do not have a submit a problem form (yet), we have created a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter Page, and have an email address that you can submit it to. Read more…