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November 11, 2011 / NumberOfWays

3 Ways We Can Help


Welcome to the first blog post of Number of Ways.
My name is Dale Aceron and I really enjoy blogging. I have my own personal blog at, I usually write once a week for a church that I attend named Victory Church on the Rock and I am now starting this Blog titled Number of Ways.

For the past 10 years, despite only going to only 1 Post Secondary school, I have gained a fair bit of knowledge in various areas in my life. From relationships and faith all the way to technology and social media. I am far from being an expert in any one of those areas but I seem to be able to find my way around them quite easily. One thing I have found in most of those areas is that many people seem to call on me for help or for answers. Usually I can help them and in the odd times that I cant, I seem to be able to find my way around and get the answer for them. I can probably count on both hands where I’ve been so stumped and had to tell tell them to go somewhere else for the answer.

And that is the reason behind the birth of this new blog of mine. The intent behind it. The “Why”.
To officially begin, here are 3 ways how I feel I can best help others and possibly help you in finding answers.


Post What I Find:

      When people come to me with a problem or need an answer,


      I manage to help them I plan on posting what the question was followed by the answer that I gave them. This can in turn help someone else with the same question or problem and I can simply point them to this blog.

2) Post What I’m Asked: I am still trying to figure out how this will practically work, and when i find a “way” ill post it here, but the hopes is that if someone needed to know something and couldn’t find it on the web themselves, they can post the question here or maybe even Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll respond to it in the form of a blog post.

3) Post What I Think: This is the funnest one of all for me. I just may randomly think of a “number of ways” to do something one day and I’ll take the time to post what I come up with. In the end, they may or may not help them, but really that’s what this is all about.

My heart is to help people the best way I can. So I really hope that you find my new blog helpful to you and if ever you get asked a question and you don’t know the answer, please pass this on to them. There are a “number of ways” you can do that.


Please submit any comments or questions you may have regarding this post, and please REMEMBER TO FOLLOW OUR BLOG by clicking the FOLLOW button to the right.

“There’s Always a Way”

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  1. VLC / Nov 11 2011 4:49 pm

    This blog could be very HELPful, as I tend to need allot of HELP. I’ve cried HELP to you many times and you always are so HELPful in my HELPlessness. Keep up the great work!

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