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November 12, 2011 / NumberOfWays

3 Ways to “Submit a Problem”

Way #3

Submit a Problem

Submit a Problem

As mentioned in our last post titled, “3 Ways to Use “Number Of Ways”, we introduced the 3 Ways on “Submitting a Problem”.  Because we do not have a submit a problem form (yet), we have created a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter Page, and have an email address that you can submit it to.So here are 3 Ways to “Submit a Problem”

  1. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: “LIKE” our page then submit your Problem on our wall.
  2. TWITTER PAGE: FOLLOW us on Twitter @numberofways and submit your problem by mentioning us in your Tweet
  3. EMAIL:  The trusty old email.  Click Here for our Email Address. In your subject line, write Problem NOW: and then specify it in the body of the email.

SOLUTION TIMELINE: Upon review we will post the Problem along with our Way of solving it.  If there’s a chance, and there always is, that we don’t have a way, then we will post it on here posed as a question with the hopes that someone within the community can offer their Way.  The timeline on a solution is an easy answer: NOTHING’S GAURANTEED.  In fact it may not even get answered.  Again, we are not professional, our goal is to provide you with Ways based on experience.

Please submit any comments or questions you may have regarding this post, and please REMEMBER TO FOLLOW OUR BLOG by clicking the FOLLOW button to the right.

“There’s Always a Way”


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