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November 12, 2011 / NumberOfWays

3 Ways to Use “Number Of Ways”

Way #2

Take Caution

Take Caution

Before we begin by posting blogs on a regular basis, we wanted to send up a little cautionary note.  I guess you can call it our disclaimer only this is not in small print, italicized, in grey font and located at the very bottom of the page.  Instead we wanted you to see it first hand before reading Blog #3.

Number of Ways (NOW) is not a professional service/blog nor is at an attempt to solve world peace, lower crime rates and end poverty (although that would be nice).  Instead NOW is a place where people can find a number of ways, tips, tricks and and/or solutions for everyday problems.  The “ways” expressed here are solely based on experience (good or bad), research and even community involvement and interaction.  Most “ways” may not come from a professional and educated stand point, although some might.

To add more clarity to what we are trying to say…take caution when trying ANYTHING posted on this site.

So here are 3 Ways to use “Number of Ways”

  1. FIND A SOLUTION: You might be looking for a way on how to gain more battery life on your new Apple iPhone 4S.  You can certainly Google it, check Apple’s website, ask a friend or check here.  The goal is for us to provide you with an answer based on our experiences and the experiences of others within the NOW community (there’s only 1 so far but were hoping for more).
  2. GIVE A SOLUTION: You may not be looking for a solution, but if you happen to be on here and have an answer to someone else’s question, then by all means, please offer your “ways”.  Our “way” may not always be the best way so please help us out.  In fact you are encouraged to be a regular on here offering your ways on how to do things.
  3. SUBMIT A PROBLEM: Have you ever had a problem, looked everywhere, asked every friend and read the manual and still come out frustrated with no solution?  This is just another outlet to go to.  Here on NOW there is NOT a form to submit your problem, but we do have 3 Ways for you to submit your problem which will be answered in the next post.  Please submit your problem and upon review we will post the Problem along with our Way of solving it.  If there’s a chance, and there always is, that we don’t have a way, then we will post it on here as a question with the hopes that someone within the community can offer their Way.  The timeline on a solution is an easy answer: NOTHING’S guaranteed.  In fact it may not even get answered.  Again, we are not professional, our goal is to provide you with Ways based on experience.

So we hope that gives you a better understanding of who we are and what we offer.  We simply have a heart to help…period.  We are not here to take on Google or any other search engine.  We are just another Way to the Problem.

Please submit any comments or questions you may have regarding this post, and please REMEMBER TO FOLLOW OUR BLOG by clicking the FOLLOW button to the right.

“There’s Always a Way”

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