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November 13, 2011 / NumberOfWays

3 Ways to “Save the Soap”

Way #4

Have you ever spent a few nights in a hotel and noticed the huge push to save the water by not washing your towels? Most hotels are on board with this initiative and most of us probably do the right thing. But have you ever wondered what they do with the soap? Yes soap.

The Global Soap Project

The Global Soap Project

On a recent Podcast (#154) by the Catalystspace Leadership Group, a gentleman by the name of Derreck Kayongo, founder of the Global Soap Project, was being interviewed about the Soap Recycling Project.

The Global Soap Project recovers discarded soap from hotels, reprocesses it into new bars & distributes it to vulnerable populations throughout the world
In this interview, Derreck discusses the history and birth of this awesome initiative. The following write up is taken from their website,

“Today, millions of people around the world still live in compromised environments, with limited or no access to clean water and soap.
Recycling soap is a simple concept that provides enormous benefits. The Global Soap Project raises awareness about the lack of sanitation and its consequences in many parts of the world.
With 4.6-million hotel rooms in the United States, an estimated 2.6-million soap bars are discarded every day. By participating in our program, hoteliers are diverting tons of waste from the landfill and bolstering environmental sustainability programs. Hotel managers, housekeepers and guests become more environmentally conscious and more sensitive to the needs of vulnerable populations.”

3 Ways to Save the Soap

1) VOLUNTEER: If are in the Atlanta GA region, you can volunteer your time in the warehouse sorting soap, inspecting soap, packing and shipping soap and more.
2) DONATE: As with all causes, there is always a demand for funding and with your one time donation or monthly donation you can make a difference one bar of soap at a time.
3) TELL A HOTEL: By telling a hotel in your area, they can convert tons of waste into a meaningful, sustainable program that will be embraced by employees and admired by guests.

One bar of soap can save a life…Imagine what 2.6 million can do.

The Global Soap Project Social Media Sites: Facebook Fan Page   Twitter Page

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“There’s Always a Way”


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