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November 19, 2011 / NumberOfWays

1 Way to “Schedule Your Posts/Tweets”


Way #7

With Social Media becoming more and more the “norm” these days regarding communication and staying connected, it’s sometimes difficult to send a message out via Facebook or Twitter at the right time with the goal of that message reaching as many people as possible. For some, communicating with their mobile phones makes it easier, but it’s not always accessible. You might be driving, in a meeting or even in the middle of labour.

1 Way to “Schedule Your Posts/Tweets”

If you ever wondered how some people schedule their messages to go out at certain times of the day, there are many tools out there that are very good. 2 of the more popular ones are Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. I personally have grown accustomed to using Hootsuite. Hootesuite’s Dashboard is really user friendly and very easy to use. I did however just read about a new company called Buffer. Their slogan is “Be Awesome on Social Media”.

Buffer is simple. After creating your account at, you simply specify your schedule and from there, you start filling it up with your Facebook Posts or Tweets. You might be asking what does it do. Well, with the schedule that you set, your messages will be spaced out so that people’s walls and twitter feeds won’t be blasted with your sudden burst of creativity and/or humor. Instead, by sending your message into the “Buffer”, your message is set to go out at the right time and it’s set to be posted in front of the most people.

If you’re unsure of how it works or if you are curious to try it out, head on over to their website and give it a try for yourself.

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“There’s Always a Way”


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