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About “NOW”

“Number of Ways” (NOW) has suggestions and solutions on topics ranging from parenting and relationships all the ways to technology and gadgets and everything in between.

NOW is not a professional service/blog nor is at an attempt to solve world peace, lower crime rates and end poverty (although that would be nice if we could).  Instead NOW is a place where people can find a number of ways, tips, tricks and and/or solutions for everyday problems.  The “ways” expressed here are solely based on experience (good or bad), research and even community involvement and interaction.  Most “ways” may not come from a professional and educated stand point, although some might.

In Short, we are not here to take on Google or any other search engine.  We are just another “Way” to the Problem.  We simply have a heart to help…period.

About the Writer

Dale Aceron

Dale Aceron - Author

Currently, the writer is me, Dale Aceron.  As it says a few lines above this, we, or should I say “I”, have a heart to help those who need it.  Through my everyday interactions with people, through random research, and through other forms of resources, I pick up bits from here and there and post it on order to help you, the reader.

The Goal

My goal in the end is to build a community of people/writers, who have the same heart and the same drive to help others.  So…if you that’s you and you feel like you have something to contribute, please send me an email and we can chat.  You can reach me at


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